Storefront Rental Rates and Policies

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This page will explain the types of links and services available, and rates*.

*where possible, for new store construction and UI store rental, eg. Domain Name Services at

The Advantage

Your online association with with Unique Items

Additional Exposure for your Existing Website.

If you already have an online store or website, you can leverage the UniqueItems domain name for additional traffic and exposure.

No Website - No Problem

offers complete design, production, maintenance, marketing and search engine optimization services from or parent company, The Eggleston Group of Creative Consultants.

Whether the need is for a single web page under the domain, or a complete online store with your own domain name, transaction processing and identity, Unique Items is your single source for all of your Internet communications services.

Marketing, Social Media and Search Optimization - (O3 Services)

Our Media Marketing and Social Media experts help ensure that your products or services receive the Optimum exposure, to the Optimum audience at the Optimum time.

Your Storefront Options

We offer a variety of designs for your store entrance.

Menu Links


Text Links


Basic Text Link

  • Up to 120 Characters
  • Up to 12pt Font

Basic Text Link Example120 Characters - 12pt

Enhanced Text Link

  • Up to 240 Characters
  • Up to 13pt Font
  • Bordered
  • "Rollover" Button Link

Enhanced Text Link Example 240 Characters - 13pt

Business Card Style Links - Client Supplied Art

Card Style 1

Card Style 2

Banner Ads and Graphical Links

Static Banner Ads

Rotating Banner Ads E-Mail Boxes and Forwarders

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Unique Items Subdomains -

A Subdomain at UniqueItems can help direct additional traffic to your store.

Even if you have your own domain name, an additional way to reach your site is always a plus. When a visitor visits, they are quicky and transparently redirected to your Website.

You can choose from a variety of redirection methods shown below.

How Your Online Store will be Displayed

YOU choose how the door to your store opens.

Overlay Window Links

New Window Links

Blank Window Links

An Overlay Window link will open your Website in a smaller window, overlaid upon the Unique Items Home Page A New Window link opens your Website in a new, full sized window or tab with the Unique Items home page beneath it, but not visible. Blank Window links close the Unique Items Website completely and redirect the visitor to your website.
Overlay Window
See an Example Here
Blank Window
See an Example Here
Top Window
See an Example Here